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Texter Blue’s Team Dev Diary #8 – The development of Texport – Alfresco Exports and Imports… with António Felix!

Here we are with the eighth issue of our team Dev Diaries Series! A series that has the objective to provide tips and tricks about the daily workflows, challenges, and learnings of a programmer/developer in a simple, disruptive and intimiste way! Don’t forget to check all our dev diaries!

For this Dev Diary number eight, we talked with Texter Blue’s Senior Consultant, and Alfresco Content Services Certified Engineer, António Felix, about the development of Texport – Alfresco Exports and Imports! Let’s check it…

What product are you responsible for developing?

Hi! I’m into the development of Texport – Alfresco Exports and Imports. A new mindset for upgrades and content transfer, that exports and imports at object level supporting all Alfresco object types and it carries the symbology of true export.

Why did the need for this product arose?

Many customers have the need to migrate their Legacy Alfresco versions to the more modern and powerful new versions, and sometimes even must install new instances. Well, Texport lets you migrate content from the old instance to the new one in a convenient, quick, and easy way.

What challenges you had in the development?

The challenges were many. However, the main ones were related to performance issues. Some customers have repositories in the order of TeraBytes, and in these scenarios export content it’s not an easy task.

How do you solve those challenges?

We used several approaches. In particular, multithreading. The number of threads was calculated based on the machine where the instance was installed. In the case of an S3 migration, we find a way to make as little request as possible due to network latency.

What impact the project had on the customer experience?

Texport’s goal is to provide customers with tools so that they can migrate content by themselves in an easy and quick way. By doing that, it is not necessary to subcontract services, saving costs. And that’s a big impact! But, If you want to learn more about all this process, please read my Technical Article.

We’ve got to the end of the fifth Dev Diary. Hope you liked! Leave your comments bellow, and If you want to learn more about us and our work, make sure you read our news and technical articles, and if you have any doubt contact us.