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Texter Blue’s Team Dev Diary #6 – The most challenging project to date… with Jhonny Aldeia!

We’re back to the sixth issue of our team Dev Diaries Series! If you want to be a programmer or get into the world of Alfresco (or other ECM), AI or Machine Learning, here is the opportunity to hear from real developers… Texter Blue’s developers!

In these series, we will provide tips and tricks about the daily workflows, challenges, and learnings of a programmer/developer, in a simple, disruptive and intimiste way. Check out all our dev diaries.

For this Dev Diary number six, we talked with Texter Blue’s Consultant, and Alfresco Process and Content Services Certified Engineer, Jonhhy Aldeia, about his most challenging project to date! Let’s check it…

What was the most challenging project you dive into?

We have a project currently under development called Hive. In fact, for me, this has been the most challenging project. It involves many concepts, and several components with its own architectures. The idea is to give the client the idea of working with a single Alfresco when, in fact, there are several instances of Alfresco “running” simultaneously.   The goal is to have significant gains in the amount of information, maintaining high performance.

In this case, what are the challenges, and how you solve them?

The challenges of the HIVE are more in an architectural scope. Certain software components, including the implementation itself, require good knowledge of software architecture. We are talking about a project that does not limits optimization. That is, get the best performance and the least latencies possible, in all scenarios. Is an ongoing project, and we still running tests. There’s still some work to do, but we are with very good expectations!

Have you taken any lesson from it?

Without a doubt, I’ve learned to have a great capacity to analysis. A poorly done analysis, in each problem, can become into bad consequences. Thus, a good analysis, even if time-consuming, can minimize the resolution time and greatly simplify the problem.

What impact will HIVE have on the customer experience?

We anticipate a very positive impact. With the HIVE, the customer can have a high-performance Alfresco product without problems. Even when working on a huge amount of data. That’s our goal!

We’ve got to the end of the fifth Dev Diary. Hope you liked! Leave your comments bellow, and If you want to learn more about us and our work, make sure you read our news and technical articles, and if you have any doubt contact us.

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