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Digital Content Management: What Is and How Does it Work?

There are various models developed regarding the digital content management lifecycle. Most are similar, with slight variations. Here is an example…

Digital content management is crucial for an organization’s success. In essence, it consists of a set of processes that allow businesses to manage all digital content, all using an Enterprise Content Management System (ECM).

Organizing, indexing, and securing internal digital content is an important part of business operations. This can be applied to digital documents, images, videos, raw data, etc.

How does it work?

Digital content management is much more than just a software solution. It’s the automation of process workflows. There are various models developed regarding the digital content management lifecycle. Most are similar, with slight variations. Here is an example:

Digital content import/creation – The digital content management process begins when the content is first imported and saved into the system’s database. It is then classified, based on various user-defined attributes.

User identification and role assignment – Digital content management is a collaborative process where various users interact with it during its lifecycle. The user roles go from the content creator to administrators who manage other users, to the actual consumer who consumes the final product. Administrators have the power to manage users and provide and revoke permissions, overseeing security as well.

Defining workflows – After this is outlined, most workflow processes are automated, with the need for changes to be made only when new processes are defined.

Version tracking – This is a critical part of digital content management, since it’s helps you keep up with changes in all your data.

Archiving and deletion – With the ever-growing amount of digital content, it’s important to be able to quickly archive and delete content, saving storage space or keeping unused data securely archived if it is ever needed again.

This is a simple version of a digital content management lifecycle model and most of these processes can be automated.

Texport: Alfresco Exports & Imports

Introducing a new mindset for upgrades and content transfer, we’ve developed a solution that exports and imports at object level supporting all Alfresco object types and it carries the symbology of true export.

Texport will be your best friend when you need to migrate content. It has a wide array of support, such as:

  • Content
  • Metadata
  • Relationships
  • Permissions
  • Versions
  • Etc.

It gives you full control over what to do with your content, either choose to move everything, archive specific content, or dispose of it entirely, keeping your database optimized, while keeping a record of all imports and exports executed.

Texport provides the opportunity to implement a clever digital transformation to the way the organisation interacts with their digital content, consolidating and enriching data.

Download here the Texport – Alfresco Exports & Imports – DataSheet:

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