ECM strategy and roadmap (Part 2): The 3 Key steps you must consider

We decide to compile a 3-part article with key steps to help you to successfully create and optimize your ECM Roadmap. Let us dive into this second part?

By now, you are already aware that we decide to compile a 3-part article to help you create and/or optimize your ECM Roadmap. Resuming, in our last article we highlight the importance of an ECM Strategy and Roadmap. In fact, we concluded that without an ECM roadmap, an organization’s content strategy can get lost and disorganized. Any organization where users share information online has an ECM strategy.

Following that, in this 2nd part we will identify some key steps to make it easier for users to get their work done. Let us dive into this second part and understand these key steps.

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Key Step Nº1 – Content audit

It’s mandatory to identify how and where users are storing and sharing their content. Determinate wich criteria (taxonomy) is assign to how users name items (folders and files). And don’t forget to consider whether these criteria comply with the organization principles.

Key Step Nº2 – Content lifecycle

Very important… start by distinguish the files that are “works-in-progress” or “draft” and the ones that are “published” or “approved”. Identify each user role and responsibility, as well as their tasks and activities, and limit how they create, modify, review, approve or publish content. Each role with their own task!

Key Step Nº3 – Content governance

Determinate how your content is planned, created, and distributed. Following the last point, the roles have also a major impact on content governance. Determinate how each role has access to certain types of content and processes. After, assign exclusive security categories to different types of content. Do this to enhance the security and limit operational risks.

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