Enterprise Content Management Systems in Healthcare: The importance of Big Data!

For the past two decades, the concept known as big data has been sliding into our businesses. However, it took a little while to show its value, as well as its great potential, to most of them. Only avant-garde entrepreneurs would implement such new and intimidating concept.

For the past two decades, the concept known as big data has been sliding into our businesses. However, it took a little while to show its value, as well as its great potential, to most of them. Only avant-garde entrepreneurs would implement such new and intimidating concept.  

Is nothing new that the more information and data you have, the better and more accurately you can operate, and this should be the foundation for every company in 2021. You may be thinking “Yes, this is important for high tech sectors! So, what does healthcare has to do with it?!”  

Well, if you could use big data to act quickly and more accurately, on our patients as well as on research, what would it mean to general health? This sounds great but is not that easy! We’re talking about managing thousands and thousands of hospitals and medical records, medical examinations, devices, biomedical research… all this information needs an efficient and effective management! 

The infinite sea of data overloading healthcare 

Each day, in all sorts of public and private hospitals and clinics, data is being constantly created and consumed. Is it such an overload of data that legacy Enterprise Content Management Systems and traditional methods are becoming less and less enable to manage it.  

This data comes at the speed of light, in all sorts of formats and sizes. This led to the birth of Data Science, a new field of science that finds ways to manage and extract insights from that overwhelming amount information.  

If we can extract the deepest insights and process them into models, we will be able to discover patterns and, for example, discover diseases and deliver cures early on. This is a huge revolution for the healthcare sector.  

How can the healthcare sector manage the big data? 

We think IT specialists need to do their best job by implementing AI-Powered ECM Systems. We think this is the key, however, it’s never a one-man job! All stakeholders need to be aligned and cooperative, with their minds set in digital transformation. 

One thing is unquestionable, these systems will transform the industry! Healthcare professionals will be able to really focus on what they do best, giving the best quality of live for the patients. And who will properly process all information? – Of course, computers driven by AI-powered ECM Systems. 

AI-powered ECM systems can extract, process, and categorize loads of data. Then, as information is automatically loaded, Machine Learning, through a deep learning engine, provide the system with tools for Artificial Intelligence to work. If you want to learn more about Machine Learning, check here one of our articles regarding this subject.    

When the ECM system is integrated with other systems and applications, it goes as far as predictive results. In practice, a doctor can use his patient management application to get insights from the patient situation and can detect problems much earlier. This, of course, can only be possible through an intelligent data management. 


Texter Machine Learning – Are you ready to supercharge your data with A.I.?

Although AI is spreading across every enterprise, it is still tricky to implement. However, there are professionals and models that can help you in making the process smooth and easy! Keep in mind that the fast-growing market requires every company to be ahead of change, and nowadays this is only possible through digital transformation. 

Download here our TML – Texter Machine Learning – Datasheet:

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At Texter Blue, we have a team of expertise people that keep learning and improving, to target every business specific need and to maximize the results. In few words, TML (Texter Machine Learning) will supercharge your data with AI: 

  • Identifies sensitive information: all your documents will be compliant with GDPR and other personal data protection policies.  
  • Classifies content automatically: the criteria are defined according to the business, TML will process the content, extract, and produce metadata. 
  • Extracts technical information: in your ECM System, you will be able to find data at the speed of light and find the exact documents you need, suggesting similar documents.   

Be in the front line of digital transformation! You’re not alone… Texter Blue is here to help you. Make sure you read our news and articles to be prepared for what is yet to come.