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Hybrid Cloud: What is hybrid cloud and advantages?

A Hybrid Cloud is a cloud model that uses both private environments and public clouds computing, storage, and services. Using this combination of public clouds, on-premises computing, and private clouds, companies can have greater flexibility and more data deployment options. The best: users will always see it as a single environment to operate.

In the other hand, just by curiosity, a multi-cloud environment, which may you assume like the Hybrid Cloud, consists of two or more public cloud providers, but does not require a private or on-premises component. We may talk about multi-cloud environment in a future article… stay tuned!

What is hybrid cloud?

As stated before, a hybrid cloud aggregate public cloud services, private cloud services and on-premises infrastructure, providing the management and application portability across all of them. The user will see it as a single environment to operate. So, by using a hybrid cloud, your company may benefit from cloud services and functionality from multiple cloud computing vendors, move data and workflows on-demand between public and private cloud as circumstances change.

Also, a hybrid cloud, may help you to optimize your IT and business workflows and objectives, as your company is more effectively and cost-efficiently. In fact, according to this IBM study, “companies derive up to 2.5x the value from hybrid cloud than from a single-cloud, single-vendor approach”.

Advantages of a hybrid cloud platform

As we have seen, setting up a hybrid cloud may bring some benefits to your company, mainly if you are only using a on-premises environment. Opting for a private cloud (managed by yourself) or if you are going to hire a third-party service, these are some of the advantages of a hybrid cloud.

Greater security – A hybrid cloud gives your company access to a higher cloud security and regulatory compliance technologies and implement security and compliance across all environments in a consistent way.

Improved productivity and business acceleration: A hybrid cloud can help your company to expand, enabling teams to develop once and deploy to all clouds. There is a lot of benefits on this. For example: faster searches and responses; faster delivery of applications; and faster integration with third parties to deliver new products and services.

Flexibility and a greater infrastructure efficiency – With a hybrid cloud your company can, for example, move data between public cloud to accommodate sudden bursts of demand on your private cloud. You regain control over your resources, optimizing workflows across public cloud services, private clouds, and cloud vendors. Hybrid cloud also helps you in your company’s digital transformation process, by enabling the modernization of applications and processes.

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