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From Legacy to Cloud (Part 2): The major problems associated with Legacy ECM Systems

In this second part – remember this is a 5-part article – we’ll check all major problems associated with Legacy ECM Systems.

In our last article we highlight that the migration of content to the cloud is becoming more popular due to its huge advantages, such as secure and compliant storage, simple sharing and IT infrastructure rationalization, etc.

But why are companies doing this? Are these legacy ECM Systems not safe anymore? Maybe they became obsolete? Or is something else?

In fact, with the evolution of technologies, most ECM are now cloud-based, as on-premises systems often bring challenges related to maintenance, costs and continuity. For example, a cloud-based ECM System, can ease IT management, updates, backups and easily integrate other tools in the ecosystem.

There is a variety of problems associated with maintaining on-premises ECM system. So, in this second part (remember this is a 5-part article) we’ll check all major problems associated with Legacy ECM Systems.

From Legacy to Cloud: The complete guide!

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Problem Nº1 – Server infrastructure

Imagine that you need to upgrade your on-premises ECM Environment. In a normal situation, you’ll need a higher investment in IT infrastructure and people resources. For example, new servers, with higher memory, disk storage, processing power and network bandwidth requisites.

Problem Nº2 – Maintenance

Due to complexities in applying upgrades, the unknow effect that the update will have on availability and uptime of the product, or expiring product versions with no vendor support, maintaining an on-premises ECM System it’s not easy. Problems that can lead to delays in scaling your ECM System.

Problem Nº3 – Fault-tolerance

Usually, on-premises ECM Systems are not fault-tolerant environments! If you need to recover data from a backup or, for example, switch your servers (data centers), the process can be tedious. Additionally, the investment in people resources, and the downtimes are a real concern here!

Problem Nº4 – Integration with cloud-based tools

There are a lot of cloud based tools that can be attached to your ECM System, to enhance its capabilities to process information, and help you in your daily business, including: scanning and optical character recognition tools, and AI-driven tagging and classification. So, if you have an on-premises platform, connecting to these tools can represent a complex and expensive work.

Problem Nº5 – Complying with regulations

Regulatory conformity Is a complex area, regardless of whether an organization deploys an ECM in house or in the cloud. Nonetheless, it can be more challenging for an on-premises system to comply with regulatory needs. Especially for organizations that are based or conduct business, for example, in Europe (because of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)).

From Legacy to Cloud: The complete guide!

By submitting you confirm that you have read and agreed with our Privacy Policy.

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