The impact of AI in Enterprise Content Management system

Discover the impact of AI-powered Enterprise Content Management system (ECM) in modern industries.

The AI-powered Enterprise Content Management systems are the holy grail for modern industries. As we have been showing you throughout our articles, these systems are meant to make the data flow in your enterprise.

Well, and what does AI-powered really means?! So… computers and machines can use Artificial Intelligence to perform tasks that used to be done by humans. For example, AI-powered ECM’s can process serious loads of data much faster and accurately than humans.

In other hand, AI needs to learn from data to provide better results. This means that ECM also feeds AI, making them co-dependent. In other words, AI powers ECM and ECM nourishes AI. Let’s get deep in this article, so we declutter the impact of AI in ECM systems.

AI-powered Classification & Processing

AI-powered Classification & Processing

Recognizing text in documents is nothing new. Nonetheless, AI spices things up, as it actually “reads” the document’s information… literally. This allows a more accurate classification and automates the workflow around that.

The AI system is always improving by Machine Learning, which constantly learns from data. It gives the AI systems the ability to automatically learn from data without being explicitly programmed. You can learn more about this subject in our last article.

Extracting and Clustering Data

This is the main change you will see in your company. As you rely on loads of data, AI-powered systems are always extracting and understanding the context. Then, it groups the data in topics. All of it done automatically. Your employees will find and share information much easier, and the documents will be automatically related and classified, a level of organization that could not be done otherwise.

We can never get too much Data Security

We can never get too much Data Security

Security is one of the major concerns in technology advancements, and networks and clouds should be well protected. Even more when we talk about scrutinizing data.

Well, Artificial Intelligence also helps you in this subject, as it is a very good tool to guarantee the security of your data. How it can be?! Let us see… when the ECM system detects sensitive data, through its AI features, it can treat the document specially, for example, by hiding certain personal data. Even more, through biometric techniques, AI-powered Enterprise Content Management systems can ensure that only allowed users handle the documents.

Last, but not least, Data Analysis

Here is the core value of AI-powerd ECM systems in companies. We all know that the most relevant metrics for companies are the financial gains. Having the right information available in a blink of an eye, helps in making progressively good decisions. So, the fact is that having these systems will help your company achieving your goals. Have you thought about it?!

Do you know TML – Texter Machine Learning can power up your ECM system with AI?

TML – Texter Machine Learning

The TML – Texter Machine Learning was born to help your business! It is true that data and content are the foundation upon businesses operate and decisions are made. The latest advances in Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning, in image and natural language processing, enabled a whole new level of automated extraction of information and data analysis. This surely empower your company’s key processes.

From the very beginning, Texter Blue’s goal is to make these systems and tools available to as many businesses as possible, so we all can grow together. Therefore, our great team of expert engineers created customized AI models that address businesses modern challenges!

Download here our TML – Texter Machine Learning – Datasheet:

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