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What is BPM and how can help your ECM System?

BPM stands for Business Process Management. It is a management discipline and key piece in content management systems. It uses various methods, such as technology to identify, analyze and improve processes, with the goal of automating tasks, and making them more optimized. In a few words, any combination of methods used to manage a business process is BPM.

Here are four ways to help your ECM System with BPM

There are some guidelines you can follow for your ECM System to run smoothly, and to find any problems that might appear before they impact the end user.

1) Know your “normal” environment

It is important to know how your environment runs in its normal state (when everything is working as intended). By establishing what is the “normal” or baseline, it will be much easier to identify any problems that might appear. Nevertheless, this baseline will change over time! So, it’s important to keep records of what the current baseline is.

2) Create alerts, monitor everything, and keep logs short

Whenever there is an issue, there should be alerts in place! System administrators may be able to work on it as fast as possible. Also, there should be some regular monitoring of the system, so that any type of problems, aren’t only found through alerts. All log files should be easy to read and contain only relevant information, so that solutions can be found fast, and they should also be easy to locate, to minimize the solution time as much as possible.

3) Plan before you update

You should plan when patches and updates will be applied. By planning everything, you will have the opportunity to test everything and roll back anything that gives you unintended results. This way, system administrators will also have time to familiarize with all changes.

4) Familiarize with everything and communicate

The more knowledgeable you are about your system, the better. If any type of problems appears, everyone in charge of maintaining the system should be aware of what to do. If everyone knows how to solve the problem, then everything can be solved faster as a team effort!

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