Get to know António Felix (Alfresco Content Services certified engineer)

Get to know António Felix (Alfresco Content Services certified engineer)

Texter Blue is grateful to work with some of the most experienced people there are. Texter’s team is a group of amazing people, coming together with only on purpose: “To create the future’s AI applications!”.

We love AI, but we also love our team! And that’s why we want you to get to know each one of them! Are you ready to know more about António Felix – by its own words?!

1) Who is António?

Hi! I’m Antonio! I live in Chamusca (a Portuguese village in Ribatejo), and I’m a proud father of a 3-year-old girl (soon going to be the father of a boy too). I’m a little reserved person, but, nonetheless, I take the most of all small pleasures of life.

2) How was your academic career?

At first, my academic career was a bit tricky. Coming from science (high school) I’ve quickly follow into computer engineering. Interestingly, I even had more ease in mathematics, which I did first. At one point, I had what I call the Neo moment (from Matrix). And the programming chairs, in which I once had many difficulties, became easy.

3) António’s career path… so far!

My first professional experience was in Accenture, where I had to wear a suit and tie to go to work. A short time later, I moved to BNP Paribas, where it  was no longer necessary to wear a suit,  but there was still a need for the  dress code to be taken care of… in this “smart casual”. Then, I still went through Brisa, where you could already wear t-shirts. But, at this moment, at Texter Blue, I work manly from home, where the dress code is the most demanding… shorts and slippers!   An interesting evolution, don’t you think?!

4) António’s role inside Texter Blue?

At this moment, I’m allocated in a project of Afresco, in the Customer Excellence team, where we support customers. Other than that, I also give the necessary support to Jhonny Aldeia, and to the maintenance of the internal project Texport – Alfresco Exports & Imports.

5) António’s life outside Texter Blue?

In my spare time, I usually play with my daughter, and occasionally I watch some series. Also, recently I also discovered the taste for DIY (do-it-yourself)!