TML – Texter Machine Learning

TML – Texter Machine Learning

Your content and data are the foundation upon which your business operates, and critical decisions are made. Recents advancements in AI in areas such as image and natural language processing have enabled a whole new level of automatic extraction of information and data analysis that power the automation of key business processes not possible until now.


Process your data with different AI engines, integrating the results.

Supports several data formats: images, video, text, etc.​

Generate new content and document versions based on AI results​


Store extracted information in metadata, enabling further processing and process automation.


On cloud or on-premises – in case you don’t want data to leave your private infrastructure


Compatible with several different ECM providers


Ability to develop custom AI models to target your specific needs and data


AI is essential to remain relevant!

The adoption of AI in modern organisations is essential to remain relevant and competitive, optimising efficiency, empowering new business opportunities and freeing critical human resources to specific value-added tasks.

Download here our TML – Texter Machine Learning – Datasheet:


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