Get to know Jhonny Aldeia (Alfresco Content Services certified engineer)

Get to know Jhonny Aldeia (Alfresco Content Services certified engineer)

Texter Blue is grateful to work with some of the most experienced people there are. Texter’s team is a group of amazing people, coming together with only on purpose: “To create the future’s AI applications!”.

We love AI, but we also love our team! And that’s why we want you to get to know each one of them! Are you ready to know more about Jhonny Aldeia – by its own words?!

1) Who is Jhonny?

Hello! My name is Jhonny Aldeia, I’m 36 years old and I’ve born in Venezuela (my parents are Portuguese emigrants in Venezuela). When I was 5 years old, I had my first contact with Portugal, and at the age of 7 (more or less) I came back and stayed here to study. After completing 4th grade, I returned to Venezuela.

Well, at the age of 17 I went to university to follow up with Industrial Maintenance Engineering. Despite that, and at age 19, due to the situation in Venezuela, I ended up coming to Portugal… and I think I came to stay (it’s been over 15 years now). 

2) How was your academic career?

Taking advantage of the turnaround in my life, arriving in Portugal, I took advantage and moved to the course I desired: Computer Engineering. Later, I received my master’s degree in Intelligent Systems.

The integration turned out to be easy, I found an excellent group of friends at TUNA do Instituto Superior Técnico (TUIST), which ended up being my second family, with which I still have friendships today.

Also, I was invited to do a part-time at INESC-ID, on the development and research in Serious Games, and I also worked at IST – on the development of a real-time database, for a repair company of railways of Portugal.

3) Jhonny’s career path… so far!

Just before finishing the course, I worked 2 months at Premium Minds, where I developed software directed mainly to parking meters companies.

I still tried Freelancer, where I gave explanations and helped develop projects in computer engineering, and in the training of seniors (initiation to computing). Then, until I entered Texter Blue, I still worked in a company (Criativatek), where I developed websites, webapps, etc.

4) Jhonny’s role inside Texter Blue?

The Blue Texter was a professional turning point in my life… probably the best decisions I’ve made in recent times! 

Within Texter, our common goal is focused on consulting and development for Alfresco. I’ve started with the Alfresco certificate, and then got involved in some projects. I went through SpeedySearch ,but I’m already involved in other projects such as Texport – Alfresco Imports and Exports.

5) Jhonny’s life outside Texter Blue?

Although I like sports, I’m not a sportsman at all! I’ve been linked to music at TUNA do Instituto Superior Técnico (TUIST), and my hobbies have in fact been more work than distractions! Occasionally, I play video games (something I did a lot as a child). In fact, I would love to have participated in the E-Games (Starcraft and Warcraft 3), but it didn’t happen! 

Apart of that, I have some projects with my wife, I like to create games, to spend time with my family and I like percussion instruments. By the way, I have some instruments: Bongos, Darbuka, Djembe. During the COVID period, in addition to learning to be a father, I also start playing acoustic guitar (and I think it went well)!