Get to know Vítor Moreira (Alfresco Process and Content Services Certified Engineer)

Get to know Vítor Moreira (Alfresco Process and Content Services Certified Engineer)

Texter Blue is grateful to work with some of the most experienced people there are. Texter’s team is a group of amazing people, coming together with only on purpose: “To create the future’s AI applications!”.

We love AI, but we also love our team! And that’s why we want you to get to know each one of them! Are you ready to know more about Vítor Moreira – by its own words?!

1) Who is Vítor?

Hello! My name is Vítor Moreira, and I am a Programmer/Architect for about 20 years now. Interestingly, I was a colleague of Gonçalo Abreu (CFO at Texter Blue) since the elementary school. I’m a bit of an extroverted and proactive person (quite a bit by the fact), and I have some need for human contact! However, I know that sometimes I am it a bit too much… but I’m learned to be a more easygoing person! 😆

2) How was your academic career?

Well, I got into IST in 1995… didn’t go well! I moved to FCT/UNL, and my performance took a big leap. Much because there was more space, a more relaxed environment, and I was able be focused on studies. I’ve made up for lost time.

The rest of the academic career, I remember only two funny episodes: A teacher turns to me and asks me for my notes from the theoretical classes, because he lost his; and a bus driver asking me to take his personal car from one stop to another. Misdeeds that stay in the memory! 🙂

3)Vítor’s career path… so far!

I started in a company of a university professor, with tasks related to programming and then in process analysis. I did quality control to the European Social Fund, as well as analysis of proposals for INAC.

One day, Gonçalo Abreu (CFO at Texter Blue) called me, and asked me: “Do you know any programmer?” – I said: “Me!”! So, after 12 years in Brisa, where I made a lot of friends, I went to Texter Blue. In fact, I got in even before the company was stablished!

4) Vítor’s role inside Texter Blue?

Being a collaborator/founder, I was the first non-Alfresco resource to have to account to the world: learning the technology and obviously visiting customers. With the hiring of new people for the team, I played the role of mentoring while I continue in the consulting part.

5) Vitor’s life outside Texter Blue?

Well, off at Texter Blue, there are some things I like. Namely: the beach (I love, and I do not dispense a beautiful dive); Cycling; Hiking (I’ve been an Ingress player for a few years now); and I like to watch movies and series (I really like movies, especially animation and sci-fi).