Federated Search at Lightning Speed (Alfresco Tech Talk Live #134) – Webinar Recording

In that webinar, they presented Texter Blue’s latest development: Speedy Search – a federated search integration that works with Alfresco services.

Yeap, its true! Gonçalo Abreu and Vitor Moreira have participated in the Alfresco Tech Talk Live #134. In that webinar, they presented Texter Blue’s latest development: Speedy Searcha federated search integration that works with Alfresco services.

Speedy Search aims to mitigate the problems caused by multiple repositories and it’s set to aggregate search results from those repositories in a single UI. So, in this Alfresco Tech Talk Live #134, you can see how Speedy Search performs searches almost in real time and leverages AI to identify meaningful content while working through a very simple plug-and-play ADF UI component that integrates seamlessly in Alfresco Content Application.

Alfresco Tech Talk Live #134

Download the complete presentation

Check here the webinar and be sure to download the complete presentation. If you’re struggling remember… you are not alone in this… Texter Blue is here to help you providing the best results! Make sure you read our news and articles and contact us.

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