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Texter Blue’s top 4 Artificial Intelligence trends and predictions.

Let’s look ahead at what to expect and check some trends and predictions in Artificial Intelligence industry.

In the last years we saw significant improvements in artificial intelligence, and how it’s becoming an integral part of companies and businesses. All in the name of the “digital transformation”.

In fact, mostly because of the pandemic situation, and the need for automation by companies, we have been watching significant innovation in the artificial intelligence technology… and we think it will be better every day.

Have saying this, let’s look ahead at what to expect and check some trends and predictions in Artificial Intelligence industry.

Artificial Intelligence in the improvement of Cybersecurity

You don’t need to be an expert in IT (watching the news is enough) to know that Cybercrimes and Cyber-Attacks are becoming increasingly high every day.

We are more involved with “machines” than ever before. In fact, in every moment of our daily routine, we are interacting with technology. So, as we like it or not, we are always open to a potential risk of cybercrime.

We think Artificial Intelligence can play a significant role in Cybersecurity, and that it must (and will) see some major development in the next years. One of the major reasons, it’s the possibility that AI have to identify some patterns and highlight suspicious activities.

Metaverse: A digital environment powered by AI

First, Metaverse is nothing more than a digital environment where multiple users can coexist. It’s a virtual place, so to speak, in some ways like the internet itself, that can delivery amazing experiences to the users.

Since Metaverse is a digital place largely used by users, it seems natural that Artificial Intelligence will be a key component of it. Since it will enable users with possibility to create custom environments, related with the person personality.

AI-driven vehicles (with self-driving capability)

Cars and AI are meant to be connected! Artificial intelligence has the possibility to play as the “brain” of any kind of vehicle. In fact, we already see that not only in cars, but also in planes.

Consumers travel experiences can be greatly enhanced by AI. For example, Tesla use AI since its creation, ensuring the prevention of accidents. In the future, they also confirming that all their cars will have self-driving capability. What comes next, we can only imagine!

Creativity powered by Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, AI is already used to create a lot of kinds of content. For example, is used to create music, copywriting, voice-over, video games, and a lot more. Ok… AI doesn’t do it perfect (at least today), but we think that will change in the next couple of years.

In the future, we expect to see this content creation refined, in the way it will trivialize some day-to-day tasks. For example, creating headlines for articles and blog posts; creating logos, branding mockups and infographics; and helping in human creativity through brainstorming reports.

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