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Texter Blue’s top 5 Machine Learning trends.

Let’s look ahead at what to expect and check some trends and predictions in Machine Learning industry.

It’s said that the foundations of Digital Transformation are AI and Machine Learning. The integration of Machine Learning in businesses are making the companies not only, more intelligent, but also more efficient. In fact, the impact of Machine Learning can be seen in companies across all industries.

Following the same mood of the last article, let’s look ahead at what to expect and check some trends and predictions in Machine Learning industry.

No-code Machine Learning powered Platforms

In the past, every website, app, or software need a large amount of code and a skilled developer or engineer to compile. Nowadays, we have what it’s called the “no-code” platforms, which can help enterprises on their journey to the Digital Transformation. So, instead of complex coding, companies can easily create tools through an intuitive drag-and-drop visual interface. This allows companies to optimize their costs in development and open the door to a greater digital opportunity.

Natural speech understanding process

“Hey Siri! How are you today?” – Intelligent voice assistants are a reality. Siri, Google or Alexa, the choice is yours. Through a non-contact control, and a simple process that is in the reach of everyone, voice assistants establish a connection with various smart appliances. They have high accuracy, in terms of recognizing human voices, and since their powered by Machine Learning they will be better with every day.

Improved Cybersecurity

The technology has become smarter, connected, and globalized. They are always connected to the internet, and problems with Cybersecurity arise. So, like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning has a great role in preventing Cyber-Attacks. With the use of Machine Learning, security models can be developed to stop any potential cyber-attacks and minimize the threats.

Improving productivity and efficiency

By implementing efficient automated Machine Learning models, businesses can improve their productivity and efficiency. Developments are being made in areas such as task solving. Through Machine Learning, it’s possible to create highly sustainable models that can help in optimizing work efficiency.

Ethics in Machine Learning

With the increasingly evolution of technologies, such as, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, some ethics concern arise. Ethics should follow side by side with these technologies, as it may result in machines that are not able to work efficiently and leading to wrong decisions.

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