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Texter Blue’s top 3 Enterprise Storage Trends to Watch

Your business probably uses cloud storage. But is your cloud system scalable, flexible, and agile? Do you know what the trends are in this area?

Digital transformation is headline everywhere! In fact, in the last couple of years, we’ve been pushed forward to this new reality, driven by the “no contact” policy, mandatory because of the COVID pandemic. This expanded technology beyond, to remote working, to learning and even entertainment.

Now, the pandemic seems controlled (at least we hope so), but companies didn’t hold on their digital migration efforts. People has adapted, and a lot of us still work and study from home!

This scenario takes the global demand for data and storage to where it never has been before. In particular, the cloud storage needed to maintain productivity and ensure you can still work closely to your co-workers, despite you are far away from your own office.

As stated, your business uses cloud storage. But is your cloud system scalable, flexible, and agile? Do you know what the trends are in this area? Let’s check it out!

1) The Hybrid Multi-Cloud

If for some reason you are note ready to migrate all your content to a single cloud provider, and your company still demand a private cloud system, a Hybrid Multi-Cloud method may be your best option. A Hybrid Multi-Cloud has the capability to combine both your private and public cloud systems, usually to orchestrate a single IT solution between them.

By entailing multiple cloud services from one or more providers, as well as your private cloud, companies can take advantage of features specific to a particular provider. It may be a good option if you must comply with geographic or regulatory governance demands.  If you have more doubts about hybrid cloud, multi cloud or hybrid multi-cloud, we find this article quite interesting. Check it out!

2) Flash Storage

Flash storage is a high-speed storage technology. Is based on non-volatile memory that don’t need a constant power source to maintain its integrity, or the integrity of the data stored in it. That’s a great advantage if for example you have a private cloud system and, for some reason, the power goes out without a warning! With flash storage you won’t lose any of your files.

So, flash storage systems have not only superior performance advantages, but also reduced power consumptions, and their prices continue to decline. A solution where everyone benefits if we compare to the traditional HDDs storage systems. Check out this IBM article to learn everything about flash storage!

3) Greater Investment in AI

Enterprise storage systems also take advantage from AI! In fact, technologies like deep learning and machine learning, combined, allowed data storage systems to became more effective and efficient. This technology has empowered storage systems with the capability to process zillions of documents, compiled in multiple data layers of information and retrieve useful insights from that data.

For example, Google has extended its AI to create a neural weather model for eight-hour precipitation forecasting, with the objective to project thermal impacts outside temperatures as well as fluctuations in wind and solar power asset outputs. Interesting? Find everything in this article!

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