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Business Intelligence is evolving with artificial intelligence, cloud storage and mobility… so, what’s in for business intelligence in the future?

Well, we know that data is responsible (in most part) for driving company’s businesses into success. Now, more than ever, enterprises must adopt business intelligence on their decision-making processes and use BI Tools and analytics platforms to leverage their results and performance.

Business Intelligence is evolving. Technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud storage and mobility are being merged with BI Tools, and this made us think… what’s in for business intelligence in the future? Well, let’s check it out!

1) Artificial Intelligence

We had to start by this one! Artificial intelligence is everywhere by now… and business intelligence will have a lot of it!

As everyone knows by now, Artificial intelligence (AI) aims to make machines execute what is usually done by humans. So, it’s expectable that BI systems will implement AI and Machine Learning, as businesses evolve, and organizations require a lot more from their analytics.

This will contribute to a more dynamic and proactive reports, with dashboards aiming to help companies to see what is happening every second, analysing and interpretating data, notifying every time something isn’t how it supposed to be. With the help of machine learning, AI systems may also learn from historical trends and patterns from the data analysed, so BI systems will be able to adapt to businesses, becoming even more accurate over time. Check out this article from IBM and learn a lot more about “The future of analytics”!

2) Real-time Analytics and Data Automation

Companies need real-time and accurate information from their businesses, so they can take reliable decisions and actions, critical for the developing the proper strategies for success.

Real-time access to data has increased tremendously over the couple of years. Following this trend, become mandatory to company’s daily ecosystem, having on-time information. This, because decisions are made upon data analysis, and having the latest information is important to define company’s strategies for the future.

Implementing real-time living dashboards will give companies immediately access relevant information, and the opportunity to stay on top of businesses changes and to adapt to everyday challenges that may arise.

Well, this real-time analytics is somehow related with data automation, since we only have analytics if data is produced, stored, analysed, processed and ready for deployment. Business intelligence need to have the ability to handle these enormous volumes of information automatically, as well as to consolidate that data and deliver it to the different BI dashboard models.

3) Data Literacy

As we see, data is becoming (or has become) the foundation where important decisions and company strategies are made. So, the ability to read and understand data, and the capability to use it, is mandatory. Companies will have to bet in people training, so they can be aware of the techniques and methods that can be used to analyse data, and to communicated it to others flawlessly.

It’s true that living business intelligence tools are rising, but in the end, it always be to people to read the data and take the decisions. This way, data literacy is the foundation to a successful data-driven culture. With the proper training, people should be able to understand what data is telling. Is like learning a completely new language! If you want to learn more about this topic, try to read this article from Gartner!

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