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Texter Blue’s Team Dev Diary #4 – The most challenging project or client to date… with Vítor Moreira!

Here we are with the fourth issue of our team Dev Diaries Series! Throughout these series, we will provide tips and tricks about the daily workflows, challenges, and learnings of a programmer/developer in a simple, disruptive and intimiste way!

For this Dev Diary number four, we talked with Texter Blue’s Principal Consultant, and Alfresco Process and Content Services Certified Engineer, Vitor Moreira, about his most challenging project! Let’s check it…

What was the most challenging project/client you dive into?

All the projects I’ve been involved in had their own challenges. For example, those I remember that were the most challenging: Oxford University; Scottish Government and Baker Huges. However, the one developed for the Italian government was, without a doubt the most challenging one.

What were the challenges?

Well, first I went to the client alone… And I didn’t know anything about it! 😅 But part of a consultant’s job is to show confidence in what we do. Basically, I had to do a performance analysis of a system.

Although I thought my performance had not been enough, the final report was good. However, today I believe that the challenge was a little oversized for my abilities at that time.

How did you solve those challenges?

Having an “Open Line” with Luis Cabaceira (Texter Blue’s CTO) really helped me. Again, I don’t think I had the experience (at that time) to show the confidence I needed. Nonetheless, with his support, and a lot of perseverance I did it! In the end of the day, and after a lot of sweating everything went as planned, and we had a happy client!

Have you taken any lesson from it?

Yes… a few ones! First, it’s necessary to have the minimums to go to a customer, especially in large customers. It takes some work in the near-shore and only then does it’s worthwhile go to the client. I also learned that we can never take responsibility for something we don’t control. Setting as best as possible the rules of the game early on is the best way. Above all, I learned to take a deep breath and stop! There are sometimes when we lose focus. The best thing to do is to go out, take a walk, and unease a little…

So… we’ve got to the end of the fourth Dev Diary. Hope you liked! Leave your comments bellow, and If you want to learn more about us and our work, make sure you read our news and technical articles, and if you have any doubt contact us.

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