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From Legacy to Cloud (Part 1): The major benefits from migrating your Legacy ECM System to the Cloud

We decide to compile a 5-part article regarding the migrating your Legacy ECM System to the Cloud, and in this first part we check all benefits.

One of the major’s steps to take advantage of technology is to be sure your ECM software is up to date (or at least keep up with the nowadays technology and security standards).

When your Legacy ECM System starts to run dry, the best way to guarantee that standards are by migrating it to a more modern, cloud-native platform.

Migrating your content to cloud is becoming more popular due to its huge advantages, such as secure and compliant storage, simple sharing and IT infrastructure rationalization, etc.

We decide to compile a 5-part article to help you make up your mind when it comes to migrate (or not) to the cloud. So, let us dive into this first part and check all benefits from migrating your Legacy ECM System to the Cloud.

From Legacy to Cloud: The complete guide!

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Benefit Nº 1 – Staying Up to Date

It’s true that the flexibility of cloud systems can simplify the management and hardware costs, when compared to an on-premises platform. For example, a cloud-based system can reduce investments in infrastructures, by having a scaling option (processing power, memory and even disk space) that keep up with your needs.

Nonetheless, the biggest strength is the possibility to routinely update you ECM System with bug fixes and feature enhancements. So, if you have both on-premises and cloud versions of you ECM System, your provider will often prioritize the cloud version with frequent and regular updates.

Benefit Nº 2 – Access to information

Let’s get to the point here… provide network access to a on-premises private networking to on-premises users, sometimes, is a headache! So, cloud-based systems can optimize companies that rely on remote access to files, by given a clean, easy, and secure access to the information.

There are no better example of how cloud-based ECM systems supports business continuity, than the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of us had to start working from home, and Cloud-based companies had a much easier time to adjust.

Benefit Nº 3 – Security

Talking about security, of course this is one of the majors’ benefits at all levels. Of course, not having your hardware in house, guarantees that you do not have to worry about theft, fire, internet downtime, backups schedules, firewall infrastructure, and so on.

But and if your company is regulated by data security protocol (according to local and international restrictions)?

Well, regulatory conformity Is a complex area, regardless of whether an organization deploys an ECM in house or in the cloud. For example, one of these regulations is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Cloud services may also have an edge here! Due to the experience of the cloud providers and the fact their data centers also have the need to comply with these regulations.

Benefit Nº 4 – Flexibility

On-premises licenses are usually based in packages. For example, your on-premises ECM System subscription model may be in an annual basis, and based in bulk packages of users (25, 50, 100, etc.). The problem is that you must consider licensing and investing more than you really need, and in licenses that you probably will not use.

A Cloud provider usually offer user-based subscription model licensing (licenses per user and monthly subscriptions). It’s important for your company to rely on cost models that provide predictability, and cloud services do just that.

Benefit Nº 5 – Integration

Many business applications that were traditionally installed in on-premises (email, calendar, ERP, CRM and other collaboration applications) are now widely consumed in the cloud. So, having a cloud-based ECM System allows you to connect more easily to other applications and users.

From Legacy to Cloud: The complete guide!

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