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Texter Blue’s Team Dev Diary #3 – The Work of an Alfresco Consultant… with Jhonny Aldeia!

Welcome to the third issue of our team Dev Diaries Series!  If you want to be a programmer or get into the world of Alfresco (or other ECM), AI or Machine Learning, here is the opportunity to hear from real developers… Texter Blue’s developers!

In these series, we will provide tips and tricks about the daily workflows, challenges, and learnings of a programmer/developer, in a simple, disruptive and intimiste way. Check out all our dev diaries.

So, in this Dev Diary number three, we talked with Texter Blue’s Consultant, and Alfresco Content Services Certified Engineer, Jhonny Aldeia, about his work! Let’s check it…

Hi Jhonny, can you present yourself briefly?

My name is Jhonny Aldeia, I was born in Venezuela (son of Portuguese immigrants) and I came to Portugal at the age of 19, back in 2004. I obtained a degree in Computer engineering, and a master’s degree in intelligent systems, at the Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa.

How do you start with Alfresco?

It all started when I was looking for a new working opportunity/challenge. Out of curiosity, I talked to a friend, who told me about Texter Blue. Although my strengths were related to frontend, I decided to take the opportunity and put my bet on it! Alfresco is a very demanding software in terms of knowledge. Mostly, in computer engineering. I really enjoyed this new change, and I feel like I’ve grown a lot since I first start.

What is the work of an Alfresco Consultant?

My work goes a lot around software engineering. I focus mainly on problem solving and development in Alfresco, and projects directly and not directly related with Alfresco. In short: studying architectures, solving problems, and developing – are the main functions.

What is the best part of your work? Or, what you like the most?

We are constantly working with the latest technology, and we are always learning. One of the best things is the team! The communication with co-workers is fantastic! Excellent communication, good knowledge sharing and transmitting information as a teamwork.

Your work, what is the impact it has in Alfresco clients?

Now, I’m working on a project, mostly frontend, called SpeedySearch. It is a project that will have a major impact on customer time (spent on search). The main objective of SpeedySearch is to keep all search response times below 2 seconds, in unique environments, but also in environments with multiple instances of Alfresco!

Finally, any advice for future programmers?

Willingness to learn and know that it will never be easy. Being open to receiving criticism is also important (the good one of course)! In my frontend position (although we always must master the backend), technically, we must know well the web world, networks, languages like HTML, JavaScript, NodeJS and Angular 2.

We’ve got to the end of the third Dev Diary. Hope you liked! Leave your comments bellow, and If you want to learn more about us and our work, make sure you read our news and technical articles, and if you have any doubt contact us.