ECM strategy and roadmap (Part 3): A set of best practices you must follow

It’s true that creating an ECM Roadmap is an intensive process, but there are some best practices that can allow you to avoid mistakes. Let’s check it out!

In the last articles, we decide to share a bundle of tips to help you create and/or optimize your ECM Roadmap. We start by highlighting why is important to have an ECM Strategy and Roadmap. Follow up with some key steps to make it easier to create and implement the ECM Roadmap.

It’s true that creating an ECM Roadmap is an intensive process, but there are some best practices that can allow you to avoid mistakes. Following that, we will end this 3-part article with some of the best practices you must follow. Let’s check it out!

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Best Practice Nº1 – Spend time categorizing!

Good categorization is the key to success. You must be able to successfully associate a certain content type with different types of tasks and activities. To do that, and as we underline in the second article, spend time coming up with a criteria to how users name items (folders and files), test it and follow it closely, so everyone can create, arrange and access folders and files easily.

Best Practice Nº2 – Having a steady hand!

To follow up any strategy, we need someone who have a steady hand at decision making. And an ECM strategy it’s no different. Do your planning from top to bottom! Identify business objectives, resources allocations, team collaborations and budgets. Only, after that, you should start outlining a real-world scenario ECM Roadmap.

Best Practice Nº3 – Set up a good team!

Having a good team, made from proactive people, that help each other and with an overall view of the organization is a must to drive your ECM Roadmap to its goals. The team should work as one to accomplish identified objectives measuring their reliability and solving any problem that may arise.

ECM strategy and roadmap: Wrap up and final thoughts!

As you can see, developing and implementing an ECM Strategy and Roadmap is no easy task. Nonetheless, it’s a piece extremely important to and healthy content workflow. We hope we could help you with all the tips shared through this bundle of articles, and one last thing… don’t forget that AI-powered Enterprise Content Management systems are here! So, it’s especially important to plan one step ahead, and anticipate future need of your organization.

These modern ECM’s (like Alfresco), have a lot of potential. For example, one of the most amazing features of this AI-Powered ECM’s is the capability to perform Automatic Content Classification and Enrichment.

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