Content Enrichment – Unlock your unstructured content with AI

Modern ECM systems with AI features enable organizations to have personalized content available for the right person, at the right time with maximum security.

Once upon a time, content was flying across processes and departments with minimum or even zero structure. The value of data was being wasted and creatives were spending essential time searching for information. Well, some companies are still stuck in that ancient tale!

Today, modern ECM systems recognize the value of data for decision making and productivity. So, alongside (almost) human robots, AI is used to enrich metadata and deliver the right information, at the right time for the right operation, with maximum security, and in a blink of an eye!

It is time to leave your unstructured data and your legacy modus operandi and start investing in structured data and AI-powered content enrichment.

Unstructured content is breaking your Enterprise Content Management

Unstructured content is breaking your Enterprise Content Management?

Information and data are flying everywhere, and companies struggle to catch and organize it. Documents are traveling from system to system, department to department, and this is a real pain to companies. Even more, if that documents are not correctly classified and structured!   

These “content” can be documents such as words, powerpoints, spreadsheets, PDF files, CAD, emails, images, video… whatever contains data. If it is not structured, it is much harder to retrieve, categorize and analyse. Data is so valuable today that should be handled efficiently and effectively!

The key to benefit from the value of data is to give it a proper structure. And what is the benefits in that?! You can have more productivity in operations and decision making, by using business intelligence to analyse information and insights.

How can we structure our content?! You may wonder. The answer is simple… with AI powered Content Enrichment!!

AI powered content enrichment

AI powered content enrichment

The key to increase the value of unstructured content is the Metadata. It is essential in the control, organization, tracking, and security of the content that flies through your company’s operations.  Much more than the document’s basic information’s, metadata also can be all its content. For example: customers name; the contracts; closing dates…

By using contextual features, metadata connects piece by piece in each content, and related information can be retrieved and categorized! Furthermore, metadata make possible to link content to processes, making possible to show the right information at the right time, to support the work. Now, we will show you how AI enriches metadata.

Metadata Enrichment

Data is much more than just the document names and focal points. And without the help of metadata, changing information is a hard and time-consuming job. Now, we dig deeper, and go as deep as metadata, “the information about information” and automate its classification. This is the breaking point for modern ECM systems.

These AI powered systems are able to identify and extract the core elements from the documents, and process them to help in your daily operations. This automation is ensuring that data is available where and when is needed and is always safe through the processes.

Managing Data through AI

These new systems identify the redundant, obsolete, and trivial information, making possible its elimination. Artificial Intelligence goes through documents and analyzes which data should it keep, archived, or removed, in a quickly and effectively way.

Modern ECM systems have AI costumed models, build to treat data sets specific to the business. You give your business knowledge to the system, to make it come back to you with the information you need, each time increasingly more accurately! The insights start to seem tailor made for each operation.

Content Classification

As we showed you on a previous article, automated data capture and classification systems use structure and text to streamline content management operations. It is as simple as using machine learning and artificial intelligence to classify content.

Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence-based technologies to enable layout- and content-based classification. This allows companies to be more efficient by decreasing their business costs and by leveraging AI and robotic process automation, the benefits for companies only increase. Plus, natural language understanding helps to recognize phrases and the emotional parts of a document.

Stop wasting time figuring out how you can leverage from data. We have the solution to empower your workflows with intelligent content.

Unlock your unstructured content with TML – Texter Machine Learning

TML – Texter Machine Learning

As your legacy ECM system cannot keep up with the fast-moving world, we have an open, extensible content services platform makes it easy to use cloud AI services to analyse and enrich your content. This change is needed to remain competitive and empowered!

TML uses AI (in image and natural language processing) and automates data processing. It takes your images, videos and text documents and generates content based on AI results. Therefore, extracting information in metadata to be processed and automated.

It’s compatible with several different ECM providers and customizable to adapt and target to your business specific needs and data!! Do you need any more reasons to give us a call?!

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