Content classification – Easier with AI

Once upon a time, companies stored and processed data through traditional means… by hand. This is an extremely painful process that implies taking a huge number of documents, scanning, and organizing according to their category. Just reading it already gives us headaches!

Nowadays, we hope you already have a platform that manage your content, an ECM (Enterprise Content Management) System. If not, this is a platform that stores all your data in a repository, classifying it, so it can be found easily when needed. But we’ll talk more about ECM’s in a future article! Subscribe here our notifications and stay tuned!

Back to today’s subject, there is an issue… You already have loads of documents on paper, various repositories and spread all over your company’s systems. So, how can you extract data, classify it, and store it?! Modern businesses are leveraging machine learning (ML) based solutions to help automate operations and making the whole process of content classification faster and more effective.

It sounds like an easy process… but, not that easy!

Unstructured Data: the company’s handicap

ECM systems that incorporate AI (artificial intelligence) “look” at documents like a human, identifying, classifying, and extracting key data. These systems can efficiently convert this content into data types, by searching for relevant information and feeding it to data stores.

Until now, most companies simply scan their documents, classify them by date and document number and stored them in a repository.

The thing is most enterprises have their data unstructured, unmanaged, and all-over numerous repositories and file sharing. This leads to a huge waste of time, keeping up with daily tasks plus finding valuable data. When business information is unstructured, it remains essentially invisible.

So, what must happen is that documents must be identified, analyzed, and classified before ECM systems can work properly and efficiently, here comes the Content Classification!

Content Classification: automating data

There are some automated data capture and classification systems nowadays. They use structure and text to streamline content management operations. It is as simple as using machine learning and artificial intelligence to classify content.

Leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence-based technologies to enable layout- and content-based classification. This allows companies to be more efficient by decreasing their business costs and by leveraging AI and robotic process automation, the benefits for companies only increase. Plus, natural language understanding helps to recognize phrases and the emotional parts of a document.

What Content Classification systems that leverage AI and ML will do for you

With cognitive based systems, you can capture all documents (even the non-structured layouts) and classify that data with a minimal human intervention. This makes contextual information available, so smarter decisions are made, and productivity is improved, for a better service.

  • Classification: the systems recognize different types of documents after being given a few variations and examples.
  • Extract:  the software is designed to understand context, not only a serial or invoice number, but there is also a high accuracy in the data extraction.
  • Validate: the advanced searching possibilities validate extracted data from a document with existing information from another systems.

Every single sector has its own documentation, and every single company handles its documents in its own unique procedures and policies. So, you need a system that is made accordingly exactly to your specific needs.

Do you need to classify your data?! It is a lot easier with TML!

Data and content are the foundation upon businesses operate and decisions get made. The latest advances in AI, in image and natural language processing, enabled a whole new level of automated extraction of information and data analysis. This surely empower your company’s key processes.

From the very beginning, Texter Blue’s goal is to make these systems and tools available to as many businesses as possible, so we all can grow together. Therefore, our great team of expert engineers created customed AI models that address businesses modern challenges! Therefore, TML was born to help you.

Automatic classification of content and metadata production

You are ingesting a large amount of unstructured content into your repository or you want to automatically organize any new content as it is uploaded. TML analyses your content and automatically classifies it according to the criteria you define (marketing, HR, Legal, Sales, Internal…). Plus, extracts and produces metadata using dedicated neural networks to process documents.

Also, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop custom AI models that target your specific needs. This solution allows your business to grow while staying ahead of your competitors and maximizing your team’s productivity. Are you curious?! Download here our infographic that shows all that TML can do for you!

Download here our infographic that shows all that TML can do for you!

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Empower your workflows with intelligent content

Aside losing productivity, document management issues are a handicap in terms of organization and customer service. This is even more problematic in sectors like law, insurance, which have a load of paperwork by hand.

If you want to keep up with the market, losing productivity is not an option. So, you need to speed the process by using systems that take advantage of artificial intelligence into their ECM systems. This is becoming more and more the real force in document management.

Automatic data classification and processing

ECM Systems integrated with AI is here to run your documents, recognize information and make decisions, with no human intervention. The more documents go through this process, the smarter it is at identifying and processing data.

Information extraction

Your information is accurately and quickly extracted, even if it is hiding in your tons of individual documents. It allows companies to upload data from forms, documents, and other papers, to extract key-value information.

Creating intelligent clusters

Clustering the information in documents by programming, is a technology that we know for a while. AI came to take this to another new level, with high precision. AI powered ECM systems divide and categorize documents to topics and hierarchies, searching certain similarities between them.

Content management in workflows

In companies, when one person drafts a document, it must be reviewed by many other departments and management, the feedback does not come back structured, requiring human force to gather all the information.  AI-powered ECM reads, understands and structure comments, to make the process more effective.

Secure Data

Is no surprise that data security is a major theme in every sector. These systems provide document security, recognizing sensitive and personal data. Also, it detects fraudulent information.

Any company, beside its capacity or staff, can take advantage of these tools to manage their load of documents and content, to improve their workflows.

These are all the thing that content classification powered by AI, has it is in TML, can do for your companies’ productivity. Let us show you how we can help and boost your path to success! If you have any questions, contact our team.