Do I need to take my ECM to the Cloud?

We know that there are still many companies using Legacy ECM Systems. This is more and more limiting, has we shift to a digital content era, powered by AI and Machine Learning. Not only that, but your security may be compromised as well, as these systems are failing more and more.

And what are most companies doing to respond to that?! Well, most of them are moving their systems to the cloud! This has been happening, thus slowly, but it is evident that this is the next step to take towards being competitive and increasing productivity.

It’s true that Cloud ECM Systems bring many advantages… You’re able to access your data in real time and everywhere, share projects easily, and the most important thing, of course, making your company all synchronized! Apart of that, this also has a direct impact in your costs. How’s that?! Well, since your workers stop spending so much time looking for information across many platforms, you do not need to invest in infrastructures and maintenance, allowing you and your company to be more efficient.

Despite all these benefits, migrating your ECM to the Cloud can became dauting, but it doesn’t need to be! Let us see…

Are you still stuck in a Legacy ECM System?!

There is a point where an ECM Systems face problems it could not solve. Content management is tendentially evolving to the cloud, so it can be more agile, innovative, and helping businesses became stronger and competitive.

Most firms that rely on loads of content are spending too much time of their daily work, finding content locked in different systems. Imagine the productivity lose and the cost deficiency amongst companies.

This is an issue that has been predicted for a while now. So, many solutions have been in development. But first, let’s check some of the legacy ECM systems problems:

  • Legacy ECM providers do not realize the magnitude of content diversification or massification.
  • Cloud is everywhere these days, always updated, with more efficient customer service. So, providers need to realize this, and make it easy to migrate and offering recent solutions.
  • Despite Legacy ECM providers tend to adapt, most of the times they don´t invest properly in Research and Development to create these solutions.

You need to step up your game in the market and implement new solutions based on the cloud may be the answer. Get familiar with Cloud ECM Systems…

Why do you need a Cloud ECM?!

The main foundations of Cloud Systems are flexibility and functionality. This comes to introduce in our companies, software, infrastructures, and platforms as services, available in a vast network. In practice, you pay the rent of the space and the use (this is the service).

If you still doubting about moving your ECM system to the cloud, let’s do an analysis over the major benefits (maybe you be more clarified about the move you need to make):

Efficiency: More storage and less costs

Cloud has a vast storage space and solutions according to your business needs. You will not need any additional hardware. This cut investment and maintenance costs. Employees also have the flexibility to work from wherever they are and whenever they need, with just a good and safe internet connection.

Pay for what you really need

You will not spend tons of money on physical equipment, utilities, maintenance, among others. Your monthly costs will be decreased. Also, your company only needs to pay what really uses. You do not need to worry in spending with things that will not bring you any benefits.

Data backup, recovery, and security

Cloud ECM Systems have a lot of solutions to recover your data. This will also cut expenses in disaster recover solutions. These Systems use data encryption to secure who has access to it.

Access on demand

You and your works can access the content at any place and any time, being a perfect solution for companies that need to implement remote work, has we been all now experiencing. Do not forget you need a reliable internet connection.

User friendly and few issues

Although some people think that cloud solutions can be tricky, in fact it is a total misconception. Compared to physical servers, the cloud services are easier to manage and issues can be detected and solved immediately. If your physical infrastructures go offline for some reason, it will take hours to solve… at least!

Monitor your data as it suits you

The most valuable thing to companies is easier access and monitorization. You can check numbers, see how your sales are going, do a report… in a split second!

This is the perfect time to adapt and think about your company’s future, to keep up or be better than your competitors. That needs a realization that cloud systems are here to stay and to increase productivity.

Moving your Alfresco do the Cloud with Texport

We came down to the big question you may be thinking right now “How do I migrate my data safely, quickly and painless to a Cloud based ECM System?!” it sounds tricky for sure, but we are here to calm your questions.

Texter Blue designed Texport, which provides opportunity to implement a clever digital transformation, to optimize your organization interactions with their digital content, consolidating and enriching data – tagging, categorizing, auto-classification, applying AI – thus increasing efficiency and optimizing the investment.

Using Texport your packages are encrypted at creation, can be transferred via an encrypted highway, and can be ingested into an Alfresco encryption content store. Texport has also a native support for Amazon S3, meaning you can export from any source Alfresco repository that uses a file Content Store into an encrypted S3 content store.

Download here the Texport – Alfresco Exports & Imports – DataSheet:

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Be part of a new efficiency brought by cloud technology

Cloud Services are a new reality that will only increase in every sector. Having a great load of content to manage, you could use the direct benefits of these solutions in your productivity.

Texter Blue is here to advise your and give you solutions to move your Alfresco to the cloud with Texport. Every day, more and more companies are planning to make this shift to increase their productivity, improve customer service, cut on operational costs, and increase data management and security.