AI meets Content – Is your data intelligent?!

Every company deals with a load of content from various sources, departments and in different formats. Accessing a specific document or information can be daunting, and most companies manage this by hand. Which translates in manpower and time, resulting in efficiency losses.

Being able to move forward in today’s speeding light market, demands creativity and innovation. To achieve that, workers need to focus more on creative tasks and projects, without wasting time searching for documents and information.

“What can possibly solve this problem?!” – We have an answer for you, Intelligent Data! This means, categorized and structured data that is easy to access and track. So, how can we make this happen?! Well, Artificial Intelligence is not just about having robots doing every single task for us… we can use its power to bring value to the companies!

Content can be a serious pain for companies’ productivity

Nowadays, every business has content as an integral part of its strategy. It is essential to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), new products design and launch and Backoffice processes. However, content is way hard to manage, due to the load of information it contains.

The content, documents and information are often incoherent and travel across many systems, repositories, and departments… a reality that makes it very hard to find and use. Most of the times, it is also reproduced, which is very counterproductive. Plus, companies’ systems are not fully integrated, and often there are different content management systems implemented.

By now, we all know that content is growing at an astounding rate, which means that companies are accumulating billions of documents, images, videos, invoices… just in the last couple of years! Now… imagine extracting information from all that content, process it and categorize it… how many people and hours (or years?) would you need to make that happen?!

What are the consequences of the current situation?! For sure, a serious struggle with traditional content management systems! Well, the good news is that tech startups have been working hard every day developing modern content management systems with AI abilities to meet this challenge. This takes us to a great productive future…

What is in it for you by shifting to AI driven ECM systems?!

This is basically the magic formula to make your data intelligent. These modern systems extract data from every piece of content, process all the metadata and turn it into intelligent information that can be found and used efficiently, making it easily accessible!

Let us check some real benefits that come with this increased efficiency…

Data Enrichment – All content is categorized and accessible

Data that is extracted and processed makes your business more valuable. This process is called “Data Enrichment”, which can take different forms, depending on the types of content.

Simply, the process is based on:

    • Custom machine learning models, providing data to a CSP (Content Services Platform).
    • Metadata gets applied to the content – image, video, document, and many other types.
    • The data is as specific as possible, and all metadata can be searchable and seen in the content. This is what really makes it valuable.

After this, content can be indexed much more effectively, workflows can be triggered, and data integrated with systems. Some solutions can also process traditional content, such as documents and scanned images, by processing the image and converting it into a PDF document.

Automate Functions and Processes

How many handwritten forms and documents does your company have to process every day?! Checking if the forms are correctly filled, and processing that information is a heavy hand labor!

You have nothing to fear anymore, as machine learning models can accomplish this task for you. Information can be automatically extracted and converted to digital content. Also, this process is done at lightning speed!

This is the best solution for businesses that still have a great load of documents filled by hand, such as financing companies. Can you imagine how much time this saves you?!

Insightful data available with AI

These systems extract the insightful information and deliver them to the users that need it immediately, so workers can make informed decisions!

This is highly important for businesses that rely on a great amount of content, again, like insurance and financing companies. Although, as your business grows, the volume of content keeps growing, and the information gets more and more complex. Which means you will eventually need to make that data intelligent.

So, do you need to make your data intelligent?! TML may be the right solution for you!

Ok! You already understand the importance of content to your business. It is unquestionable that it plays a critical part in your operation and the decisions you make. So, adopting these AI solutions is essential to remain relevant and competitive in today’s global market.

From the very beginning, Texter Blue’s goal is to make these systems and tools available to as many businesses as possible, so we all can grow together. Therefore, our great team of expert engineers created customed AI models that address businesses modern challenges! Therefore, TML was born to help you.

Essentially, TML:

    • Processes your data with different AI engines, integrating all results.
    • Extract data in all forms: image, video, text, email…
    • With AI, new documents are generated, based on the extracted data.
    • Stores information in metadata that will be further processed and automated.
    • Works both on cloud and on premise, depending on your needs.
    • Is compatible with several ECM providers.

Also, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop custom AI models that target your specific needs. This solution allows your business to grow while staying ahead of your competitors and maximizing your team’s productivity. Are you curious?! Download here our infographic that shows all that TML can do for you!

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Modern ECM systems give you the capabilities to improve

Modern ECM systems are the solution to thrive in the future. Companies can organize and maintain their content. Plus, through machine learning, natural language processing and data mining, these systems become better and more intelligent.

This is the recipe to make your business more efficient! Here we provide some examples of use cases for TML that can be game changers for you:

Technical information at the speed of light

You have a load of technical documents in various repositories, and you need to extract information. You can access the right content instantly. This happens due to machine learning and data mining features.

TML identifies the needed parts and presents you immediately the information you need.

Workflows – automatic classification of content

All the complex automation processes that used to be done by traditional workflows are now automated with the implementation of AI systems. For example, document routing and classification, image classification and object recognition.


Every business has a lot of pressure to comply with personal data privacy, (such as GDPR) and you cannot risk violating these rules.

This is an issue that TML is here to solve! It can detect sensitive information tagging content and providing anonymized copies that can be safely shared. It also identifies unusual documents or suspicious sources.

Modern ECM integrated systems came to save the day for most companies, from small to large corporations. TML is here to enable your business to continuously grow and thrive in today’s highly competitive market. Let us show you how we can help and boost your path to success! If you have any questions, contact our team.