How an ECM System can benefit your company?

In this hustling world, everyone and every company has the ultimate goal to be the best. The pressure to be at the top and keep reinventing is real. Actually, we have already been discussing this subject in past articles.

Let us focus on the practical side of the coin. You already know that to be productive, you need to have an efficient content management system in your company. But what are the real benefits?! Sometimes this can seem a little blurry.

We all know that the most relevant metrics for companies are the financial gains. In other hand, an ECM system alone is not sufficient to optimize your company productivity. It’s the combination of your systems, the value of the content and how handles them that really matters. Let us get to the point…

The real benefits of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system

The real benefits of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system

This is the part that concerns companies the most. Sometimes, we cannot see past the direct and clear benefits. There are two main types of benefits:

  • The objective – the standard ones, they can be calculated by general savings.
  • The subjective – they depend on the specific company, its culture, and human resources.

Here are some direct ways how ECM’s systems save your company money!

Less documents = Less people to handle them

If you have a big load of documents to handle daily, you will need staff to do it… This is the first step to an inefficient process. By implementing a good ECM system, you could eliminate this great need for staff. And that has a direct impact on salaries, taxes, and utilities reduction.

Time is money

Think about this, the time that your staff spends aside their core business, affects your productivity. When they are looking for contracts through the endless archives, for example, they cannot be focusing on what they do best… making your business grow!


Presently, we hear about sustainability every day. Companies are reducing their environmental impact, and one of the main goals is to reduce the paper. A good ECM system, who perfectly categorizes and storages documents, eliminates the need to print documents that constantly fly through your company. Besides the paper, you also save printing costs. You will no longer need as many printers as possible, ink and toners.

Your data is safe

An ECM system will have certain permissions according to the staff’s work. This means that each worker can only access the information and the documents that he really needs. Besides that, a good ECM system also has AI features that detects sensitive information and anonymizes it, ensuring GDPR compliance. Aside that, a better data security and compliance with RGPD, simplifies internal processes and optimize your company workflows.

Every square meter counts

When there is paper handling, there is also extra space to store and archive paper! If that documents are digitally categorized and archived, accessible on a daily basis is optimized, and the physical space needs are reduced.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system in companies with loads of processes

The real benefits of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system

There are some businesses that still need to handle physical documents in its daily tasks. For example, finance, healthcare, and the government. Let us see…

For the finance, an ECM system could speed up processes that still rely on paper documents. If these documents became digital, the information is more precise, and your worklow more efficient.  

In healthcare, the information needs to be available fast and must be constantly shared between staff. Digital medical records need to flow!

As for the government, an ECM system can improve the administration services, by digitalizing various documents used by these organizations and departments. 

Besides all that, there is a holy grail that can save us all from paper overload – the Electronic Signature. Now, electronically signed documents are legally valid. This opens a new door of efficiency for these businesses, to accelerate processes and save time.

Texport – A simple way to optimize your content with AI!

Your company needs a clever digital transformation and to change the way your staff interacts with digital content?! We make it easy, by consolidating and enriching data (tagging, categorising, auto-classifing and applying AI).

The next level of content management is here and Texport is your best ally. A simple system that provides you with the opportunity to implement an intelligent digital transformation for your business. With Texport, you will have:

  • A full support – Supports content, metadata, relationships, permissions, versions, tags, categories, sites-memberships, and all other repository node relations from a source Alfresco repository to any target Alfresco instance.
  • Optimization – Multi-threaded tool that leverages low level OS and cloud resources via its close relation with Python, as such it is fully optimized for export/import throughput, ingestion rates of up to 2800 nodes/sec.
  • A Native S3 support – Native S3 support allowing full repository bidirectional transfer from a normal fileContentStore into an S3ContentStore.

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