Cloud Content Management – All you need to know!

The core of traditional Content Management was always about minimizing the risks and fulfil the legal obligations. It had no saying in productivity or efficiency. Lucky for us, times changed, and productivity is now a very important part of a company strategy. Each day, efficient ways of working appear, and data and information turned into a big asset, that need to flow throughout processes and departments.

The latest step with great impact in businesses, is the possibility of moving Content Management Services to the cloud! Therefore, if you have doubts about this new reality, here is everything you need to know about Cloud Content Management.

What is Cloud Content Management?

Let us see… a Cloud Content Management service is nothing more, nothing less than a traditional system supercharged with new capabilities, and without the need for expensive investments in servers and hardware! In other words, it is the evolution of the traditional into the new digital.  

This new and improved way of treating data focuses on collaboration and innovation. Human resources will not need to spend several hours searching for information they need for daily tasks. Instead, things like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning appear on the scene to help.

Normally, Cloud Content Services ensure the integration with applications used every day in companies. These applications are connected to a central Content Management interface, and data is categorized and organized now it enters the system. This reality makes data accessible according to the needs of each department and staff member.

Well, this new way of treating data seems very appealing. However, migrating your legacy ECM system to a cloud-based platform may be tricky! Check out this article, and learn how you can move your system to the Cloud… painlessly!

The different types of cloud content services

Well, the Cloud Content Management world is not that simple. There are mainly four types:

  • Entry Level – For the more traditional data and mainstream users. These are simple systems with basic file management, simple sharing capabilities and with low security standards.
  • Open Source – There are always open-source solutions for CMS. They sure have the capabilities to manage your data, but the backstage is not always clear. Normally, they lack automation, security, and AI features.
  • Enterprise Cloud CMS – The most complete system, that has content management capabilities, greater data security, more extensive sharing options, powered by AI (Artificial Intelligence) and with a great accessibility. It is the option that leverages the most value out of your content.
  • Hybrid Cloud – These systems are a mix between cloud-based and on-premises solutions and are typically used by companies that fear the full migration to the cloud.

Is going Hybrid the new way of dealing with data?!

Well… companies need to innovate, and this can mean implementing or migrating to cloud services. Sometimes, this is a great step that frightens management departments, and for most businesses it seems impossible to move all its on-premises systems to the cloud. So, integrating the two sometimes means relief! However, moving to cloud is not as painful as it once was, as you can see in this article

How can an ECM System benefit your company?

You already know that to be productive, you need to have an efficient content management system in your company. But what are the real benefits?! Sometimes this can seem a little blurry. Even more, we all know that the most relevant metrics for companies are the financial gains.

On other hand, an ECM system alone is not sufficient to optimize your company’s productivity. It is the combination of your systems, the value of the content and how it is handled that really matters. Check here to check in more detail what are the real benefits of implementing an ECM System.

Choosing the best cloud content management solutions

For your company’s digital transformation, you will need a good cloud content management supplier. For example, one of the key features you should look for is customization. The service must attend your business needs, and it should blend in your daily work and data handling.

Every content management system is supposed to collect, store, and manage information. However, not all of them have AI features that can collect, categorize, and arrange data automatically. Can you imagine a system that guesses right away the documents you are looking for?! Well, we are here not just to raise questions, but to deliver solutions! Meet Texport!

Texport – Alfresco Exports & Imports

The next level of content management is here, and Texport is your best ally. A simple system that provides you with the opportunity to implement an intelligent digital transformation for your business.

Texter Blue’s Texport provides the opportunity to implement a clever digital transformation, to optimize your organization interactions with their digital content, consolidating and enriching data – tagging, categorizing, auto-classification, applying AI – thus increasing efficiency and optimizing the investment.

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