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Artificial Intelligence as a key component of Federated Search.

In this article, we discuss AI powered Federated Search, and give you important insights about how Artificial Intelligence act as a key component of Federated Search…

Federated search is the ability to perform searches across multiple databases, websites and other data sources and access all the results in one place. You can read more about it, in our previous article here and about its specific advantages here.

It’s true that this is a subject that we talk often, mostly because its importance! Today, we will continue discuss this matter, and give you important insights about how Artificial Intelligence act as a key component of Federated Search…

Why is AI a key component of federated search?

With the use of AI, search results become better at answering a user specific need. AI provides you with tools that offer many abilities, such as:

  • Applying machine learning – Machine learning can provide immediate query suggestions, like auto-complete, improving your search queries precision and relevance.
  • Understanding document structure – By having a visual document structure, documents can be identified faster and therefore categorized by type, such as contracts, invoices, purchase orders, etc…
  • Human language understanding – By using Natural Language Processing (NLP), search queries can interpret content from several different data sources, understanding context and semantics, improving searches inside complex documents.

How can federated search help organizations?

Organizations that generate vast amounts of data, can benefit from federated search powered by AI. By being able to access large amounts of information in an organized and optimized way, results become faster to analyse, saving time. Some of those benefits are:

  • Relevant information always ready – Making information much more accessible helps employees become more efficient, increasing the return of investment on a federated search solution.
  • Comprehensive results – By having search results be more precise and thorough, users can have a much more comprehensive view of the information that was searched.

How to implement federated search into your ECM System?

SpeedySearch - A lightning-fast search engine for ECM’s Environments

SpeedySearch can be your answer! SpeedySearch is a lightning-fast search engine for ECM environments that provides automatic suggestions and federated search capabilities.

SpeedySearch – A lightning-fast search engine for ECM Environments

SpeedySearch introduce a high-performance and scalable way to interact with categorized data and we also gain complete control of how we search content. The main goal is to get search results super-fast to our end users, and we’re talking milliseconds.

A lightning-fast search engine developed for ECM’s environments that provides automatic suggestions, federated search capabilities, and keep all search response times below 2 seconds, in the worst-case scenario.

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