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Federated Search: What is and how to implement in your ECM System?

Learn here what Federated Search is and discover how you can implement this technology in your ECM System with Texter Blue’s SpeedySearch.

Whit the constant growth of data that keeps happening every day, some new challenges arise in companies. Information is stored in various locations, becoming fragmented, making it harder to know where to look for specific information. So, how do we overcome this challenge?

What is Federated Search?

Simply put, Federated Search is a way to search for information from various sources and have access to the accumulated results all in one place. Those sources can vary, from internal databases to external websites and everything in between.

An example of Federated Search would be the system used by some travel and booking websites. You input your departure and destination and it will show you prices from different websites, by different companies. Same goes for the booking websites that show you various hotels.

Advantages of Federated Search

1) Secure and reliable

Security is always paramount to any organization, and to that end, federated search allows for user credentials to be sent with the search query, effectively only permitting access to the information that the user has permission.

2) Accurate results

Federated Search allows for the optimization of the type of content that users get as results, by ranking the several types of content through use of different parameters. With the massive amounts of data that organizations possess, having accurate and relevant results is of the utmost importance.

3) Improved user experience and data consolidation

By having the information from various sources available in one unified and consistent interface, a user’s experience, workflow, and productivity is optimized. Also, managing, maintaining, and monitoring one tool becomes a much simpler task, than having to do the same to various search tools at the same time.

How to implement Federated Search in your ECM System?

SpeedySearch – A lightning-fast search engine for ECM Environments

Well, SpeedySearch can be your answer! SpeedySearch is a lightning-fast search engine for ECM environments that provides automatic suggestions and federated search capabilities.

SpeedySearch introduce a high-performance and scalable way to interact with categorized data and we also gain complete control of how we search content. The main goal is to get search results super-fast to our end users, and we’re talking milliseconds.

A lightning-fast search engine developed for ECM’s environments that provides automatic suggestions, federated search capabilities, and keep all search response times below 2 seconds, in the worst-case scenario. Learn more here and contact us!

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