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ECM Management: How can you optimize your ECM System?

Enterprise content management is much more than a simple piece of software.  It stands as the definition of processes, tools and strategies that allow businesses to be organized, store and deliver information. Thus, an ECM is not a single process or technology. It is a combination of various tools and strategies to manage all the information and the various processes within a company or organization. So, the question is “How can you optimize your ECM System?”.

Here are three ways to optimize your ECM System

A well-planned ECM system will increase your company’s efficiency. For that to happen, some key elements need to be considered. Such as: long-term goals, content lifecycles, and user needs.

1) Having a content strategy

It’s imperative to always have a plan. As stated, long-term goals should be considered, to establish which features will be needed. Define your content strategy from the beginning, so you can answer to all the needs of the organization.

For example, let’s look at an organization who is aiming to become paperless.  By combining AI with your ECM System, you can process all the documents, gather all metadata into databases, thus optimizing search speeds and information reliability.

2) Understand your content lifecycle

Most documents will have a specific lifecycle, from creation until retirement. There should be a thorough examination of the organization’s content lifecycle to better decide how to optimize your ECM system.

This examination should be done during the planning stages. While doing that, specific content must be subject to specific rules. Once everything is automated, the system will be able to process each document or piece of data, optimizing the process and reducing clutter in the database.

3) Investing on security measures

Most organizations manage documents and data with sensitive and personal information, whether from customers or employees.  Securing all that information is as important as being able to access it. This applies if your content is either stored on premises or in a cloud database.

For example, all content should be encrypted! The encryption method should also be decided (for example, either data is encrypted in motion or at rest). Content rules must also be taken in consideration. Who can access specific content, and what are the needs of each user? There should be a balance between security and access, so that there is still an ease of use when accessing the information.

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