Content Classification: 5 Real Benefits of Machine Learning to Your Organization

Let’s get to the point here… all businesses workflows, decisions and operations are made based on a data analysis. In a daily base, this data usually come from documents handled by the company’s different departments.

Now, imagine that you have a system (ECM System) that can automate the extraction of information, as well as the data analysis, from these documents! Don’t you think this can enhance your company’s key processes?

It’s true that there are some systems available in the market that can do (kind of) automated capture of some kinds of data, content, and documents, using data models and document mapping. Nonetheless, enhancing your ECM System with REAL Machine Learning capabilities, enables it to “think for itself”, adding the capability to learn with each document analysed. This surely can allow your company to be more efficient, as well as reducing your operating costs.  

Ok! I Got It… But What Can an ECM System Powered by Machine Learning Can Truly Do?!

Ok! I Got It… But What Can an ECM System Powered by Machine Learning Can Truly Do?!

Well, it’s a good question! In the first place, these systems can look upon all documents, analysing them and processing its content (even the non-structured documents). All of this, with minimum human intervention possible. Keeping it simple, the process is made of 3 important steps:

1) Classification – Where the ECM System recognize different types of documents, after being given a few variations and examples of documents.

2) Extraction – Thanks to Machine Learning capabilities, the ECM System can understand not only a serial or invoice number, for example, but has high accuracy in the overall data extraction.

3) Validation – The ECM System has now the ability to perform advanced document analysis and comparison, validating if the newly extracted information complies with the existing available information in the system.

Of course, every department has its own kind of documents and content, and every organization has its unique procedures and policies. In this case, it’s good to know that Machine Learning models can be “tuned up”, so its suites your needs the best.

Here Are 5 Ways Intelligent Content Can Enhance Your Organization Workflows

Without further due, these are the 5 major benefits of having an ECM System that takes advantage of Machine Learning…

1) Automated Data Classification

Machine Learning enhance your ECM System with the capability to run your documents, recognize its information and make decisions (through validating processes), without human intervention… whatsoever. The best of it? The more documents it processes, the smarter it becomes!

2) Data / Content Extraction

Following the previous benefit, your information is now more accurately than ever. Data / Content can be quickly extracted, even though their spread in tons of individual documents, forms, papers, or other types of inputs.

3) Intelligent Clusters

Machine Learning has also taken the clustering of information to another level… ECM Systems powered by Machine Learning are able to divide and categorize documents to topics and hierarchies, by analysing document similarities.

4) Workflow Management

Usually, in most of organizations, some people or department work as to be validated for some other people or department inside or outside the organization itself. The problems happens when this information come back unstructured… well, Machine Learning can structure these revisions, making processes more effective.

5) Of course… Security!

Security is a major concern across every organization. But do not fear! ECM Systems with Machine Learning in its ADN, take this concern very seriously… it’s possible to recognize sensitive and personal information, with the possibility to anonymize it, and detects fraudulent content.

Automatic Classification and Tagging with TML – Texter Machine Learning

As stated before, a proper document management can leverage your organization to the next level. Empowering your workflows, giving a fast and accurate access to data, and enhancing your productivity. And let’s be real here… if you want to keep up with the market, losing productivity it’s not an option. Thankfully, we have TML – Texter Machine Learning!

Texter Blue’s TML is a tool developed upon Machine Learning, possible to integrate with Alfresco or other ECM System, that can analyse your content and automatically classifies it according to the criteria you define (marketing, HR, Legal, Sales, Internal…). Plus, it can extract and produces metadata using dedicated neural networks to process documents.

Download here our infographic that shows all that TML can do for you!

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Be in the front line of digital transformation and get the most of your data with ECM Systems driven by Machine Learning… Texter Blue is here to help you providing the best results! Make sure you read our news and articles, and if you have any doubt contact us.