AI driven Enterprise Content Management Systems: The 5 major benefits!

Every business has content! It is an integral part of companies’ strategy, workflows, processes, customer services, and essential to the development of new products and Backoffice processes. However, if you have tons of documents, information can be hard to manage…

For example, we all know that content is growing at an astounding rate, which means that companies are accumulating billions of documents, images, videos, invoices… just in the last couple of years! Now… imagine handle all this content… how many people and hours (or years?) would you need to make that happen?!

Well, the good news is that there are some modern content management systems, with AI and Machine Learning, abilities to meet this challenge. This get us to the question: “What are the real benefits for me by shifting to AI driven ECM systems?!”

Let us check some real benefits that come with this AI driven ECM Systems…

1) Categorized and accessible content (Data Enrichment)

Categorized and accessible content (Data Enrichment)

Data that is extracted and processed makes your business more valuable. This process is called “Data Enrichment”, and it was made possible thanks to tools like Texter Blue’s TML (Texter Machine Learning), that can assume different models, depending on the types of content. How does AI driven ECM Systems handle this task? Simple:

  • Custom machine learning models, provide data to a CSP (Content Services Platform).
  • Metadata gets applied to the content – image, video, document, and many other types.

The data is as specific as possible, and all metadata can be searchable and seen in the content. It can be indexed much more effectively, workflows can be triggered, and data integrated with systems. Some solutions can also process traditional content, such as documents and scanned images, by processing the image and converting it into a PDF document, and this is what really makes it valuable.

2) Automated Processes and Workflows

Automated Processes and Workflows§

How many handwritten forms and documents does your company have to process every day?! Checking if the forms are correctly filled and processing all the information may require a lot of effort!

Well AI driven ECM Systems can accomplish this task for you, by automatically extract all the information and converting it to digital format, and all of this at lightning speed!

Additionally, complex automation workflows, such as document routing, image classification and object recognition, are now possible to be automated with the implementation of AI driven ECM Systems.

So, if your business still has a great load of documents filled by hand, such as financing companies or healthcare institutions, upgrading to an AI driven ECM Systems could be the best solution. Can you imagine how much time this saves you?!

3) More Security

More Security

Every business has a lot of pressure to comply with personal data privacy, (such as GDPR) and you cannot risk violating these rules. This is another issue that AI driven ECM Systems can solve!

For example, by adding Texter Blue’s TML modern ECM Systems, you are able to detect sensitive information tagging content and providing anonymized copies that can be safely shared, at the same time, identifying unusual documents or suspicious sources.

It’s also possible to have certain permissions according to the staff’s work. This means that each worker can only access the information and the documents that he really needs. Besides that, a good AI driven ECM Systems assures a better data security, simplifying and optimizing your company internal processes.

4) No more paper!

No more paper!

When there is paper handling, there is also extra space to store and archive paper! If those documents are digitally categorized and archived, accessibly can be optimized, and the physical space needs are reduced, and it’s also safe to say that AI driven ECM Systems can help saving trees, by reducing the needs of paper consume.

Therefore, migrating to an AI driven ECM Systems is essential to remain relevant and competitive, optimise efficiency, empower new business opportunities, and free critical human resources (that once were, for example, handling information by hand) to specific value-added tasks.

5) Lighting fast searching speeds

Lighting fast searching speeds

Because AI driven ECM Systems can process a widely varied of content types and properties, you have at your disposal a high-performance and scalable way to interact with categorized data gaining a complete control of how you search content.

For example, through SpeedySearch, a lightning-fast search engine developed by Texter Blue for AI Driven ECM’s environments, we provide super-fast search results, automatic suggestions, federated search capabilities, and keep all search response times below 2 seconds, in the worst-case scenario!

Be in the front line of digital transformation and get the most of your data with AI driven ECM Systems … Texter Blue is here to help you providing the best results! Make sure you read our news and articles, and if you have any doubt contact us.