Do you know what Machine Learning really is?!

Machine Learning came a long way, leveraged by technology evolution. This concept started when it was recognized that computers could, eventually, interact and process certain data without really being programmed to do that. Just has if they were making their own decisions based on data analysis.

Well, this was a revolution in the way that big companies handle with their data. The foundation is here for a while now, but it gets more accurate and faster as time passes by. Actually, recent Machine Learning models can go through more and more complex data. Therefore, generating more accurate results.

Many companies from diverse industries that rely a lot on data, have embraced Machine Learning, and comprehend its value for their business. The major sectors are financial services, health care, retail and even the government.

In this article, we want to share with you the Machine Learning function and uses, in a generic and comprehensive way, so you can take the most profit from it. Let’s check it out.

Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence?!

Machine Learning is often mistaken by Artificial Intelligence. However, Machine Learning is a tool to achieve the goals of Artificial Intelligence. It gives the AI systems the ability to automatically learn from data without being explicitly programmed.

Machine Learning uses something called “Deep learning”, that analyses different factors, similarly to a human neutral system. These sets, all aligned, will provide AI with planning, learning, reasoning, problem solving, knowledge representation, perception, motion, social intelligence, and creativity traits.

What is the application of Machine Learning!?

What is the application of Machine Learning!? Machine Learning is in our daily life for a while now, although we do not think or notice it many often. You have from the simple games, such as chess, to self-driving cars. The tasks can be the simplest to complex, like self-driving cars, that can have fully control on driving.

There is no doubt that these systems came to ease our lives. If we are free to perform routine tasks, we can allocate our minds to create and bring valuable thoughts to our lives and jobs. The accuracy of this models will increase with as much data as it analyses and processes.

Well, in companies, Machine Learning will certainly help to capture documents (even the non-structured layouts) and classify that data with a minimal human intervention. This makes contextual information available, so smarter decisions are made, and productivity is improved, for a better service. This is called Content Classification, which you can learn more about in this previews article we wrote.

A little bit more about Deep learning…

Deep learning is based in algorithms, that are set to understand the biological activity in human brains, and the connection between neurons. The system tests various connections of inputs and likely outcomes.

It has been feeding the many applications of Machine Learning, as it extends its field. Allows to break down tasks and assist decision making. And believe in us when we say that “Machine Learning powered ECM’s are the future for businesses”.

Do you know TML – Texter Machine Learning can empower your workflows?

The TML – Texter Machine Learning was born to help your business! It’s true that data and content are the foundation upon businesses operate and decisions are made. The latest advances in Machine Learning, in image and natural language processing, enabled a whole new level of automated extraction of information and data analysis. This surely empower your company’s key processes.

From the very beginning, Texter Blue’s goal is to make these systems and tools available to as many businesses as possible, so we all can grow together. Therefore, our great team of expert engineers created customized AI models that address businesses modern challenges!

Download here our TML – Texter Machine Learning – Datasheet:

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The adoption of Systems powered by Machine Learning and AI, in modern organisations, is essential to remain relevant and competitive, optimising efficiency, empowering new business opportunities and freeing critical human resources to specific value-added tasks. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us. See you soon!