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Hybrid Cloud: What is hybrid cloud and advantages?

A Hybrid Cloud is a cloud model that uses both private environments and public clouds computing, storage, and services. Using this combination of public clouds, on-premises computing, and private clouds, companies can have greater flexibility and more data deployment options. The best: users will always see it as a single environment to operate.

In the other hand, just by curiosity, a multi-cloud environment, which may you assume like the Hybrid Cloud, consists of two or more public cloud providers, but does not require a private or on-premises component. We may talk about multi-cloud environment in a future article… stay tuned!


How can a Modern ECM System, and an innovation culture help your employees adjust to digital transformation?

What once was an option for the most innovative companies, is today a total must, and who stays behind will see a real struggle to survive. Yes… we’re talking about Digital Transformation, and most people are aware that this will eventually happen in their companies. Nonetheless, it’s certain that we’ll still see a generational and regional gap… for a while.

In companies, there are employees that did not grow up surrounded by technologies, and newer ones that never knew a world without them. This causes a big gap amongst companies. If companies want to implement digital transformation successfully, besides systems and workflows, they need to get their employees aligned, so it does not become a barrier.