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Federated Search: The Importance and Specific advantages

Federated search is the ability to perform searches across multiple data sources and access all in one place, but do you know why is it so important?

Federated search is the ability to perform searches across multiple databases, websites and other data sources and access all the results in one place. This is an uncomplicated way to describe what it is, and you can read more about it here.

Why is federated search so important?

Businesses and customers need to find what they are looking for in an easy and fast way, and that’s where federated search comes in and why it’s important.

Being able to search from one location and get results from various sources is a big advantage, making content and data much more reachable and useful, also improving the user experience.

The specific advantages of federated search

While there are many advantages to federated search, let’s focus on some specific ones.

Data consolidation leads to an improved experience

Users being able to search and browse data from a unified interface is big plus, improving the user experience, and helping optimize productivity, by receiving the information faster.

No matter how many different platforms and sources are accessed to perform the search, the user doesn’t have to worry about having to access each one separately, all the work is already done.


Security is always one of the most important aspects of any system, and with federated search, there’s no exception to that.

With federated search, a search query can send user credentials, to access information that may be hidden behind a gated source.

Many organizations deal with substantial amounts of personal data, which cannot be accessed by all users, due to privacy laws and rules. With this method, each user can only access the information that he’s cleared to.

Improved data visibility

Federated search gives its users the tools to weigh sources and adjust the search to meet their specific needs. For example, if a scientist were searching for a specific information, the search could be adjusted to first show peer reviewed articles and only after those would there be other results.

With this, results are optimized, information is accessed much faster and easily.

How to implement federated search into your ECM System?

SpeedySearch - A lightning-fast search engine for ECM’s Environments

SpeedySearch can be your answer! SpeedySearch is a lightning-fast search engine for ECM environments that provides automatic suggestions and federated search capabilities.

SpeedySearch introduce a high-performance and scalable way to interact with categorized data and we also gain complete control of how we search content. The main goal is to get search results super-fast to our end users, and we’re talking milliseconds.

SpeedySearch – A lightning-fast search engine for ECM Environments

A lightning-fast search engine developed for ECM’s environments that provides automatic suggestions, federated search capabilities, and keep all search response times below 2 seconds, in the worst-case scenario. Learn more here and contact us!

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