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From Legacy to Cloud (Part 3): The 3 Major Reasons to migrate from a Legacy ECM System to the Cloud

In this third part – remember this is a 5-part article – we’ll check all major reasons to migrate from a Legacy ECM System to the Cloud.

As you may be aware, we decide to compile a 5-part article regarding the migration of on-premises and legacy systems to the cloud. We already highlight the advantages of cloud-based systems (security, simple sharing, IT infrastructure rationalization, etc.), and checked a variety of problems associated with maintaining on-premises ECM system.

Keeping your ECM System updated its crucial to stay competitive and increase your business agility. In some cases, the best way to guarantee this maintenance is by migrating from your legacy system to a new modern, and cloud-based platform. These is one reason, but there are a few more that we need to highlight. So, in this third part, we’ll check 3 major reasons to migrate from a Legacy ECM System to the Cloud.

From Legacy to Cloud: The complete guide!

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Reason Nº 1 – User Friendly

In a daily basis, people are increasingly get used to simple, intuitive, and web-based tools and applications (usually related with everyday tasks: sharing files and photos, browsing social media, and even cloud based storing platforms like google drive, and so on). So, in a work environment, if you insist to get stick to a complex legacy ECM System, with an outdated UI interface, productivity could be affected.  In fact, a lot of companies are already looking for cloud-based alternatives, that give a more modern UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience).  

Reason Nº 2 – Investment

Maintaining a legacy on-premises system can be costly (people, hardware, user licenses, etc.). Given this, many companies find in cloud-based systems a way to simplify their cost structure. Why?! Well, because cloud-based platforms are flexible and scalable to the company present needs. You only pay for what you need in a specific moment, and you don’t need to worry about any kind of “hardware logistics” if your business grows unexpectedly.

Reason Nº 3 – Digital transformation

ECM Systems that only store content are tools from the past! You need a platform that can communicate with other tools (a lot of them already cloud-based). We are talking about scanning and optical character recognition tools, AI-driven tagging and classification, and much more. If you want to keep up with the competition, and follow the constant changing business environment, cloud-based platforms allow you to easily extend your ECM System with these functionalities.

From Legacy to Cloud: The complete guide!

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Be sure you download the complete eBook above and if you’re struggling remember… you are not alone in this! Migrating to a modern cloud-native content management platform can became a risky, expensive, time and human resources consuming and complex process. But fear no more, Texter Blue will help move your ECM to the cloud… in a blink of an eye!

Be in the front line of your organization’s digital transformation and get the most of your data by migrating/updating your legacy ECM System… Texter Blue is here to help you providing the best results! Make sure you read our news and articles and contact us.

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