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From Legacy to Cloud (Part 5): Move your Legacy ECM System to the Cloud – PAINLESSLY – with Texport!

In this fifth part – remember this is a 5-part article – we’ll check how you can move your Legacy ECM System to the Cloud – PAINLESSLY – with Texport.

Throughout this bundle of articles, we highlight the advantages of cloud-based systems, checked a variety of problems associated with maintaining on-premises ECM system, give you some reasons to migrate from a Legacy ECM System to the Cloud, and stablish some best practices to successfully migrate… now we give you the tool to do all that!

ECM repositories evolve naturally but, sometimes, the efforts and impact of a product upgrade / migration are considerable, in many ways suspending the upgrade until an “out-of-support” situation. It´s a safe approach? Yes! But it leads us to old systems that limit our innovation, flexibility, agility, and the ability to provide new functionality to stakeholders in the company. Limitations of other solutions:

  • Lack of support for export/import of ACLS roles and permissions of nodes
  • Inability to support relationships of nodes via associations
  • Lack of support for nodes associations to tags and categories
  • Exporters not designed to support loads (no multi-threading, queueing, error log, retrying, reporting…)
  • Not possible to transfer content between different content stores (filecontentstore »» S3contentstore)

We see Enterprise Digital Content as an organism that can change, adapt and evolve in the chance of a content transfer project. Introducing a new mindset for upgrades and content transfer, we’ve developed a technology, Texport!

It exports and imports at object level supporting all Alfresco object types and it carries the symbology of true export, provides the opportunity to implement a clever digital transformation to the way the organisation interacts with their digital content, consolidating and enriching data, thus increasing efficiency and optimising the investment.

From Legacy to Cloud: The complete guide!

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Texport has full support…

Supports content, metadata, relationships, permissions, versions, tags, categories, sites-memberships, and all other repository node relations from a source Alfresco repository to any target Alfresco instance.

Is native S3…

Native S3 support allowing full repository bidirectional transfer from a normal fileContentStore into an S3ContentStore.

Keeps a record…

Keep a record of all exports and imports executed for validation and data quality purposes. It ships with an Elasticsearch integration providing robust dashboards in Kibana for content transfer executions overview.

Is optimized…

Multi-threaded tool that leverages low level OS and cloud resources via its close relation with Python, as such it’s fully optimized for export/import throughput, ingestion rates of up to 2800 nodes/sec.

Output clean data…

Move all content or choose to archive or dispose certain areas of the repository – for example the archiving part of the audit-trail to increase database performance.

Is cloud ready…

Container friendly and Cloud ready, adding security and backup options in future relations.

From Legacy to Cloud: The complete guide!

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Texport use case Nº1 – Repository split up

For example, if you have an Alfresco repository that has grown to a point where, from an architecture perspective is better to split than to shard Solr and upscale. You want to archive part of your repository into a cheaper infrastructure (storage, vms, db, …)

Texport use case Nº2 – Bidirectional transfer of data within repositories

Texport is normally installed only at the target repository, but having it deployed on multiple repositories allows for bidirectional transferring or archiving data within different repositories (they can even use different contentStore types). Also, different combinations of on-prem – cloud repositories can be used, depending on the business scenarios.

Texport use case Nº3 – Move to cloud (security and encriptation)

On-Prem customer deployments looking to move to the cloud (AWS, AZURE, Google Cloud) are using a normal fileContentStore. But moving to the cloud is normally subjected to security restrictions. Using Texport your packages are encrypted at creation, can be transferred via an encrypted highway and can be ingested into an Alfresco encryption content store. Texport has native support for S3, meaning you can export from any source Alfresco repository that uses a fileContentStore into an encrypted S3 content store.

Texport use case Nº4 – Upgrade, archive and clean-up

You are stuck in an older version of Alfresco and the upgrade process is too complex to be performed, either due to database inconsistencies or broken relationships and instabilities in the Alfresco nodes universe. Your database tables are too big (normally due to auditing information being stored at the db) and you want to start fresh with a “trained” database for your content. You want to migrate your database engine to a different provider.

Texport use case Nº5 – Content enrichment

Texport will crawl and process all designated content, moving it from a source repository into a target. This opens a great opportunity for content enrichment (auto-classification, tagging, Machine Learning and AI – GDPR compliance, for e.g.). Additionally, is designed to allow the creation of plugin interfaces that can run while the content is being exported. At Texter Blue we have developed a GDPR plugin that will detect and mark GDPR data on content inside the repository, using multiple Machine Learning engines for different kinds of content.

From Legacy to Cloud: The complete guide!

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Be sure you download the complete eBook above and if you’re struggling remember… you are not alone in this! Migrating to a modern cloud-native content management platform can became a risky, expensive, time and human resources consuming and complex process. But fear no more, Texter Blue will help move your ECM to the cloud… in a blink of an eye!

Be in the front line of your organization’s digital transformation and get the most of your data by migrating/updating your legacy ECM System… Texter Blue is here to help you providing the best results! Make sure you read our news and articles and contact us.